The Humanization is a transversal knowledge field in the health area which concentrates efforts on the ethical and empathic quality in interpersonal relations on the practice of attention, management and teaching. Its development is due to institutional actions that promote values and behaviors to a humanization culture strongly anchored on mutual respect and collaborative work for the common good. Several actions for the development of the humanization culture were accomplished in the period from 2014 to 2018. Here we are highlighting the main ones.

On the Medical Teaching Scope

A Bioethics-Humanization pillar at the UC12 Discipline from the mandatory curriculum, inserting programmatic theoretical and practical content of medical humanities, humanization and bioethics from the first to the fourth graduation year in Medicine on the new curriculum.

On the Health Research Scope

The participation of students in research projects and scientific initiation was encouraged, such as the Experience Research of the HCFMUSP Patient and the project Hospital Dance, to study the patient perception of the humanized care in the hospital context.