To cultivate a culture of protection and promotion of human rights at FMUSP.


Identification of situations in institutional daily life that demand actions to protect and promote human rights, seeking to encourage or support them.

Current Project:

Organization of literacy activities on relevant themes for the guarantee of human rights:

  • Quotas
  • Racism
  • Relations and diversity of genders
  • LGBTphobia
  • Ableism
  • Psychophobia
  • Religious intolerance

Working Group

Name Department/Instance
Ana Cláudia Germani NEDH
Fátima Tengan Dept. of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases
Gil Benard Dept. of Dermatology
José Márcio Jorge Dept. of Gastroenterology
Lívia Mansano NEGSS
Allan Isy Strauss NEGSS
Juliana Bertoldi Franco COBI – HC-FMUSP
Milanca Cordeiro Ombudsman's Office
Nivaldo Alonso Dept. of Surgery
Thaise Tomokane Staff