Ethics and Biosafety

Research activities of the Medical School of USP are regulated in its ethical aspects by a Commission of Ethics in Research in Human Beings (CEP – FMUSP) and by a Commission of Ethics in the Use of Animals (CEUA). In affiliation to the Clínicas Hospital is structured an Internal Commission of Biosafety in Genetically Modified Organisms (CIBio in OGm’s).

Of a technic – scientific nature, these commissions evaluates research projects under the aspects technical-scientific; ethical; framed in the current legislation; financing; resources’ origin; adequacy to the guidelines of institutional policy; integration to other sectoral actions and interest and convenience of the Public Service. When necessary, reports to national regulation organs are also elaborated.

The Central Bioterium of FMUSP, which supplies animals for research, has the certificate of quality in biosafety granted by CTNBio – National Technical Commission of Biosafety from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. For such, an Internal Commission of Biosafety – CIBio is active, required from institutions which make use of techniques and methods of genetic engineering or which perform research with Genetically Modified Organisms (OGM) and its derivatives.