Academic Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance for Academic Affairs is directly linked to the Director of FMUSP and is responsible for:

Assisting the Director, Vice-Director, professors and students of FMUSP in academic matters, based on the University's statutory and regulatory provisions, in order to ensure the technical and legal correctness of the decisions and referrals given to said matters;

Organizing, advising and documenting the meetings of the Congregation and the Administrative Technical Council (CTA), providing the forwarding of deliberations;

Organizing the administrative work of the teaching career exams, advising the Judging Commissions on the statutory and regimental aspects;

Organizing and executing activities related to the elections of teaching members of the Congregation and of the CTA, the election of the Academic Unit’s representatives within the University Council and the election of the triple list for choice of Director and Vice-Director of FMUSP;

Assisting the Undergraduate, Graduate, Culture and University Extension Commissions, when requested;

The organization and administrative supervision of the Undergraduate, Graduate, Culture and University Extension Services.