The Integrated Center for Academic Activity of Neuro-Orthopedics HCFMUSP (INTEGRATED CENTER OF NEURO-ORTOPEDIA HCFMUSP) was designed to provide integrated assistance and develop research and teaching directed to patients with neurological disorders who are suffering from musculoskeletal deformities, spasticity and abnormal movements. The integration of disciplines related to care for these patients aims to optimize resources in health services, promote scientific knowledge and teaching in undergraduate, graduate, university extension courses, in addition to curricular training and professional training in this area. Additionally, it also seeks to aggregate health innovation projects and support actions that stimulate the improvement of the quality of life of patients with neuro-orthopedic diseases, their families and their caregivers.

The NEURO-ORTOPEDIA INTEGRATED CENTER assumes health care as a vector for teaching, research, innovation and extension in the dynamic of the commitments that lead the University of São Paulo to remain at the forefront and an active center in the context that determines it as public good. The center is committed to the development and implementation of assistance, generation and expansion of knowledge protocols, creation and consolidation of interdisciplinary research centers and intensification of academic exchange with other national and international centers articulating research, teaching and extension activities and incorporation of health innovation processes.