A memorandum of understanding was established between the Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo (FMUSP), the Instituto de Física da Universidade de São Paulo (IFUSP) and the University of Florida, in a formal session that took place on May 17, 2023, at FMUSP. The agreement signed has the purpose of defining a solid basis for collaborative efforts, which will facilitate joint research, academic exchanges and various other activities, which through the exchange of knowledge between the three institutions will be able to gather new perspectives and advances for improving people's health and well-being.

Professor Roger Chammas, of FMUSP Radiology and Oncology Department, stated that the date is special because it marks a milestone in Professor Eduardo Massad and Professor Tarcisio E. P. Barros Filho, who dedicated themselves to the consolidation and creation of the Medical Physics course, one of the few at USP that has the collaboration of two institutions, the Faculty of Medicine(FMUSP) and the Institute of Physics (IFUSP). Professor Chammas also spoke about the motivations that led to the start of offering the course: “we want not only to teach Medical Physics and train professionals up to date with market demands, but also critical professionals, who make a difference in the world and, mainly, as a premise of Universidade de São Paulo, train researchers”.

At first, Professor Manuel Arreola, Vice-President of the Physics Division, Assistant Professor and Head of Clinical Medical Physics and Director of the Graduate Program in Medical Physics and Professor Izabella Barreto, Clinical Medical Physics Assistant and Director of the Undergraduate Residency Program, both of University of Florida Medical School, was welcomed in the Board Room by Professor Eloisa Silva Dutra de Oliveira Bonfá, Director of FMUSP. Also present were Professor Roger Chammas, Professor Paulo Roberto Costa, of IFUSP Nuclear Physics Departament and Professor Manfredo Harri Tabacniks, Director of IFUSP.

Afterwards, they went to the Congregation Room, where the signing of the academic agreement was publicly held and I count on the participation of undergraduate and medical residency students, researchers and professors of IFUSP and FMUSP in the audience. Joining the table of authorities, Professor Elisabeth Mateus Yoshumura, Coordinator of the Coordination Committee of the Medical Physics course at IFUSP with FMUSP and Professor Valeria Aoki, President of the Institutional Relations Committee of FMUSP.

Professor Manuel Arreola said: “I am proud that we are taking the first step in this collaboration and excited because we have similar missions between the University of Florida and USP. The primary clinical mission is to promote the best patient care for the entire population. The academic mission is to form a new generation of physicists who combine all the knowledge of physics with clinical medicine. In addition to the research mission, which has in essence the continuous advancement through science, technology, treatment and diagnosis”.The agreement between FMUSP, IFUSP and the University of Florida will allow for more comprehensive and multidisciplinary work, opening up many opportunities. Professor Paulo Costa, of IFUSP, mentioned that his dream is to see students, residents, professors, researchers and experienced professionals, all mixed up producing knowledge and generating opportunities.