The Thoracic Surgery Residency Program at the Hospital das Clínicas of the Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo (HCFMUSP) has achieved the certification and accreditation of the Gold level by the Brazilian Society of Thoracic Surgery (SBCT). This is the highest level of certification conferred by the organization, valid for two years, and recognizes the excellence of the HCFMUSP program, with modern resources and a complete structure for the training of residents, reinforcing the position of the Hospital and the Faculdade de Medicina as a national and international reference in the training of thoracic surgeons.

The Medical Residency Program at FMUSP is recognized for its high-quality postgraduate education, combining on-the-job training with defined periods of activity and guidance by the faculty of FMUSP, clinical staff of HCFMUSP, University Hospital (HU), and Samuel Barnsley Pessoa School Health Center. This approach provides an ideal environment for the comprehensive training of residents, allowing them to acquire essential practical skills for medical practice.

Tribute to Prof. Dr. Fábio Jatene

Also celebrated by the Brazilian Society of Thoracic Surgery (SBCT), Prof. Dr. Fábio Biscegli Jatene, Full Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery at the Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo (FMUSP), had his dedication and remarkable contribution to the specialty and the development of Brazilian Thoracic Surgery recognized. The tribute took place during the XXIII Congress of SBCT (Tórax 2023), on May 17th, and was attended by Prof. Dr. Paulo Manuel Pêgo Fernandes, Vice-Director of FMUSP and President of Tórax 2023, and Dr. Artur Gomes Neto, President of SBCT.

Graduated in Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine of ABC (FMABC) in 1978, Prof. Dr. Fábio Biscegli Jatene obtained the title of Doctor of Medicine (Surgery) from the University of São Paulo in 1991. Currently, he is a professor at FMUSP and Vice-President Director of the Cardiovascular Surgery Division of the Heart Institute of the Hospital das Clínicas of FMUSP (InCor).

During the tribute, SBCT expressed deep gratitude for the valuable contribution of Prof. Dr. Fábio Biscegli Jatene to the field of Thoracic Surgery, highlighting his tireless dedication to the advancement of surgical practice in the country.