In a morning of activities held at Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo (FMUSP), on April 29, 2023, approximately 70 students of the MedEnsina Pre-Vestibular Course participated in the MedProject workshop and the Kids Save Lives Brasil training.

Professor Flavio Carneiro Hojaij, FMUSP Surgery Department and physician at the Laboratory of Medical-Surgical Anatomy (LIM/02) at Hospital das Clínicas, held a conversation with MedEnsina students about careers in the health area, market of work, assistance, teaching, research and vocation.

MedEnsina is a free pre-university course, organized by volunteer students of FMUSP, aimed at people who do not have the financial conditions to stay in a paid course.

Afterwards, training was carried out by Kids Save Lives Brasil in cardiopulmonary resuscitation for assistance in cases of emergency with cardiorespiratory arrest. The procedure is indicated until the arrival of the Emergency Medical Service and the orientation was given by Professor Naomi Kondo Nakagawa, of FMUSP Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy Departament and one of the coordinators of Kids Save Lives Brasil.

About MedProject – Medicine in Action

The workshop was created by Professor Flavio Carneiro Hojaij, of FMUSP Surgery Departament and physician at the Laboratory of Medical-Surgical Anatomy (LIM/02) at Hospital das Clínicas.

The aim is to share information about different professions in the health area, such as Medicine, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Nursing and others, in public schools, for students from the 9th grade of Elementary School to High School.

The event is divided into two stages, one in which Professor Flavio Hojaij talks about professions, with emphasis on medical training. And the other, in which students of FMUSP Medical course (and from other partner medical schools) give a lecture, with one of the themes: Vaccination, First Aid in Clinical Emergencies or in Mental Health and Welcoming.

Also part of the program is the organization of a visit for these students to the FMUSP Anatomy Laboratory, which has the support of Associate Professor Alfredo Luiz Jacomo, responsible for the Discipline of Human Structural Topography at the FMUSP Surgery Departament.

Professor Flavio Hojaij points out that, “MedProject's purpose is to deepen knowledge for young people who are interested in medicine; instigate the development of essential social skills to pursue a medical career; and present different experiences of renowned colleges”. He also mentions his participation, as a professor and physician, and the medical students who are involved in the project, as an important representative sample, both of the course and of the profession itself, to inspire young people.