Academic Tutoring

The Academic Tutoring Program offers individualized support to medical students with academic difficulties, helping them to find solutions that allow them to advance in the course. It has teaching tutors, three per academic year, who are familiar with the regular curriculum of undergraduate courses.

The program is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Marisa Dolhnikoff and Dr. Patrícia Bellodi, and can be contacted at

The Occupational Therapy Academic Tutoring Program offers undergraduate students shelter for guidance and referral of an academic, pedagogical, accessibility, relational and/or psychosocial nature at the individual level and for collective actions seeking to find forms of shared care.

The program is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Érika Alvarez Inforsato, has teaching tutors and occupational therapists and can be contacted at

The Academic Tutoring program for the Physiotherapy and Speech Therapy courses is being structured and cases of academic difficulties are being dealt with directly with the Course Coordinating Committee (CoC) of each course.

Requests of Physiotherapy and Speech Therapy course students must be forwarded to the CoCs of each course via the Undergraduate Office of Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy Departament - phone 3091-7460 or email: